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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

PAYDAY 2 Promotion

For the past 3 months, The WFTP Radio Network has been branching out on the Playstation Network into many different games, making our gamer tag known to the world.  Those of you who have seen us know what we're talking about.

Our latest game of total and complete interest?  PAYDAY 2!

Starthing today, for the next 2 weeks, if you see our gamer tage "wftpradio" in a PAYDAY 2 game and mention our website "WWW.WFTPRADIO.NET", we will feature your gamer tag in our Weekly Top 40 show, and here on the main page of our website with a photo of your choice.  RULES: Your photo can not be offensive or contain offensive language in it or graphic content, it CAN be a picture of you if you like.  Sometimes people like to see a face behind the name.  And your best skill in the game will be mentioned as well, whether it be "Mastermind, Technician, Enforcer, or Ghost".

It's a silly little contest, we know, but we want to see how many people actually pay attention to our cool gamer tag on the Playstation Network, and maybe get the game some advertisement as well.

Contest ends on Tuesday, July 29, 2014!

Hope to see you out there!

WFTP Radio Network Staff